Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Florida, United States
Main Products: Allergy Relief Dog Shampoo,PawSpa Dog Paw Balm / Salve,Waterless Dog Shampoo,Powdered Mud & Mat Remover,Hot Spot Remedy
Total Employees: Fewer than 5 People
Year Established: 2010
Top 3 Markets: North America 100.00%
PurestPets is a line of dog grooming products ~ handmade in Gainesville, Florida, USA. It's top prod...
PurestPets is a line of dog grooming products ~ handmade in Gainesville, Florida, USA. It's top products include Allergy Relief Shampoo for Dogs, PAW SPA Paw Balm, Hot Spot Serum, Pure Waterless Shampoo, and Mud & Mat Remover. PurestPets LLC is now a proud member of the American Pet Products Association (APPA). APPA is the leading not-for-profit trade association searving the interests of the pet products industry.

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"Having a dog with allergies is frustrating and heart-breaking. It's awful to see our little girl licking and scratching so much. We've been using the Allergy Relief Shampoo on Sadie for a couple of weeks now and her allergies seem to be improving. We've made several changes to try and eliminate her allergies, including using dye and fragrance free laundry detergent, eliminating some household plants, and giving her more frequent baths with the Allergy Relief Shampoo. She has recently started licking in between the pads of her paws, so I'm going to order PAW SPA and see if that helps with the licking. Wish us luck!" ~Denise D., Saline, MI

"It isn't often that you get a product that delivers as advertised. I bought the small bottle for a friend with a Jack Russell Terrier and wondered if it would be enough to show results, but the difference was immediate. Like flipping a light switch. She reported back that she was amazed the scratching stopped (about 90% after his first bath). The white part of his coat is pristine, and the black portions are shiny and soft.

So I bought more to give to friends at work who have dogs because I didn't think they'd take my word for it, as well as a bottle for our local veterinarian. They gushed with gratitude. PurestPets shampoo is a keeper. Thank you so much." ~T. Reisz, Portland, OR


"PurestPets shampoo seems to have helped our furry friend, Jasper, quite a bit with his year-round itchiness. He also smells great after every bath! I don't think I can express what a relief it is for us to find him a shampoo that works well and that we know hasn't been developed in a lab. This stuff works better than every other kind of shampoo we have tried from cruelty-free companies. Jasper is much happier, more comfortable, and can now enjoy his daily routine without incessant scratching and biting. We will definitely be ordering more." ~by Kate E., St. Joseph, MI


Our little American Eskimo, Habibi, has terrible allergies. He couldn't stop scratching, licking and biting himself, day and night. It was very upsetting to see him suffer and it kept us up all night. We thought we would have to get used to seeing him wear "the cone" for the rest of his life! Have you experienced this too?

Habibi inspired me to research and develop PurestPets shampoo. I found that this formula is the perfect combination of natural ingredients for Habibi's skin issues! Habibi has used this allergy relief shampoo for over a year now and he doesn't scratch anymore. My repeat customers, here in Gainesville, have had similar results. So, now PurestPets is handmade in small batches from home and is a proud member of the Etsy community.


I feel passionate about relieving dogs of their horrible scratching and especially for the deep concern their parents can feel for them. I am certain that my anti-itch shampoo will help your sweet one, too. Etsy is such a fun and easy way to make PurestPets available to everyone.


PurestPets Allergy Relief Shampoo for Dogs is an anti-fungal, antibiotic, and disinfecting shampoo for dogs. It will reduce severe itching and scratching due to allergies, dermatitis, and hot spots.

What sets PurestPets apart is that it has No Triclosan, which kills off the good bacteria that defends sensitive skin against truly harmful bacteria and yeast.

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